Intelligent Travel Time Calculator

Spend less time calculating your commute & more time with your clients
Let TimeTap + Google Maps calculated the distance between your appointments

Google Maps calculates your travel time

The Intelligent Travel Time Calculator uses Google Maps to calculate the commute between your appointments when they are held in different locations. Based on where your appointments are held throughout the day, your availability will be adjusted automatically to accommodate for the travel time needed to get from Location A to B.

Let TimeTap do the math for you

Trying to juggle your appointments and calculate your commute time is a thing of the past. With TimeTap, you can create an inbound and outbound buffer for each location you are accepting appointments. These buffers account for the amount of time, outside the calculated commute, it takes you to park your car or the time needed to get from your office to your mode of transportation.

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Google Maps will validate your client’s location

Let your clients determine the location of your meeting. By creating a variable location on your account your clients can determine the location of your offsite office. Through the scheduler the clients will enter the address where they wish to meet and Google Maps will validate that address and add it directly to your appointment.

Get an address from your client before showing them your availability so you know how far you have to travel

Maximize your number of appointments with automated travel time calculations

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Add padding between your appointments based on the amount of time it takes to travel to their location

Take Appointments at Multiple Locations a Day

With the Intelligent travel time calculator you are able to take your business mobile without any additional work on the back end. Once you have set your day to day availability for your designated locations TimeTap will take over from there.

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Common questions about travel time calculator

Intelligent Travel Time Calculator FAQs

That’s fine! We have tons of in-home service providers that use our software. In this case your appointment location would be considered a variable location which gives the client the opportunity to determine the location of the meeting. In the variable location profile you are still able to determine an inbound and outbound buffer and Google Maps will calculate the drive time.

No, the Intelligent Travel Time Calculator is only offered in the Business Solo and Business Team Plan.

Service Buffer A buffer can be applied to a service to add a bit of padding either before your appointment's start time or after your appointment’s end time. Buffer Before: Applying a buffer before your service will add some padding before the start time. For instance, if your service's duration is 1 hour and you have a 15 minute buffer before the appointment, then your client who schedules at 9:00 am would have you reserved starting at 8:45 am. And the Buffer After: Applying a buffer after your service will add some time padding after the end time. For example, if your service's duration is 1 hour and you have a 15 minute buffer after the appointment, then a client who schedules at 9:00 am would have you reserved until 9:15 am.

Location Buffers are the Inbound Buffer and the Outbound Buffer. The Inbound Buffer Minutes is when you travel between locations and want to have some time upon arriving at the new location to get set up before your appointment, enter the time in minutes here. And the Outbound Buffer Minutes: When you travel between locations and want to have some time when leaving this location to get your bags packed and get in your car, enter the time in minutes here set to the amount of time.

Not a problem! You will set up each location individually so they can each have their own schedule of availability as well as inbound and outbound buffers. Once you’ve set up the availability for the staff that can accept appointments at that location, you’ll see in the location’s profile an overview of who is available when.

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