Appointment Waitlist

Expand your ability to accommodate your clients
Clients can select full classes to join the waitlist for

Give Your Appointments A Second Chance

One client’s cancellation is another client’s ideal booking

Appointment cancellations are a scheduling reality. Things happen, people forget, alarms fail and traffic is always unpredictable. We’ve all been there. However, managing these missed opportunities can be a source of intense frustration. Trying to fill a cancelled appointment usually leads to an unending game of phone and email tag- often resulting in a vacant appointment and loss revenue.

We don’t want you to struggle through this cycle a moment further- and you don’t have to! Allow clients who are already interested in your full class and service sessions the opportunity to book those cancelled appointments. You don’t even have to worry about notifying your clients! Have automated messages sent once appointment times become available.

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Keep Your Schedule Booked

A waitlist cycle made simple

Allow waitlist for specific classes or services

You can individually select the classes and services that you want your clients to have the ability to join a waitlist for.

Customize automated notification messages

Send your clients unique messages with instructions on how the waitlist process will work for your business.

Invite waitlist members to book open appointments

Don’t worry about calling to find clients to fill your open appointments. Send automatic invites to waitlist members to book vacant slots.

Managing Cancellations Made Simple.

Your clients want to book with you. Let's make room for everybody.

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Embrace Your Popularity

You’re doing something right and your clients know it. Use the waitlist to discover new opportunities for growth. Have a class or service your clients are all scrambling to book? Use this feature to decide which classes and services you may want to open to more people.