Capture client addresses upon booking

Turn online appointments into an easy-to-follow schedule

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Easy Online Booking for Home Service Providers

The ultimate side-kick for child care providers, house sitters, landscapers, maintenance providers, & more.

Perfect for:

  • Getting the information you need to come to clients’ homes prepared
  • Allowing enough time between appointments to drive to the next location
  • Increasing your total number of bookings each week
  • Managing a large client base all at different locations

Try it Out: Use the embedded web scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment online as if you were a client. You can also check out booking an appointment online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account.

Retain business when you're off the clock with our online appointment system

Don’t Lose Business When You’re Off the Clock

Sometimes clients have work schedules that extend beyond your business hours. They want to get in touch with you to schedule appointments, but you shouldn’t have to man the phone all night.

With TimeTap, this problem is ancient history. If you have clients who need to schedule when you’re not available for phone calls, they’ll be able to book 24/7 right from your website. They’ll only be able to book within the hours you’ve set up, so you won’t have to take appointments when you don’t want them.

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Easy online booking for in-home appointments

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Keep track of clients' addresses with our online booking system

Need a client's address? We've got it!

Ever forgotten a client’s address and had to contact them to re-confirm? Whether you provide house sitting services, landscaping services, maintenance services, or other in-home services, you’ll be able to easily view your clients’ addresses.

Store an unlimited number of client addresses on any TimeTap account & save yourself from showing up at the wrong door-step.

Prevent miscomunication with our appointment system's service description feature

Provide Service Descriptions for Your Clients

If your business provides deals for certain services, you can inform your clients in the service descriptions. This can help prevent miscommunication so that you’re clients are aware of the particular deals that are offered with your different services.

Know your team's location & availability with our team scheduler for staff scheduling

Know Your Team’s Location & Availability

If your team travels to complete their services, such as for home maintenance or repairs, our software can help you keep track of their schedules and availability. Know when a technician is in a certain neighborhood to make scheduling more efficient.

Use buffers for travel time with our web scheduler

Give room for travel time & Take the Math Out of your Day:

Space out your appointments with buffers! Give yourself time to travel from site to site by padding your schedule between each booking. This way your client will have a good range of when to expect you for their scheduled appointment.

If you and your team are moving between multiple locations a day, our software will calculate how much time is needed between the end of one appointment and the start of the next with our Intelligent Travel Time Calculator.

Fewer distractions, More Productivity

Trying to answer client phone calls can take away from your service performance. Let us handle the simple stuff by showing your availability and automatically sending confirmation and reminder emails.

Boost productivity with appointment confirmations and reminder emails

More appointments without all the hassle

Streamline scheduling for your in-home services with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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