You focus on getting clients to their fitness goals.

We’ll make sure they know when they’re on your schedule

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Easy Online Booking for Fitness Studios & Personal Trainers

Max out your fitness classes & streamline your personal training sessions without breaking a sweat.

Perfect for:

  • Getting more clients registered for your group exercise classes
  • Managing client bookings over time & tracking progress
  • Running promotions on specific services or classes
  • Handling multiple trainer schedules
  • Keeping your personal training from conflicting with your classes

Try it Out: Use the embedded appointment scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment online as if you were a client. You can also check out booking an appointment online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account.

An online reservation system to help manage your schedule

Whip Your Scheduling Into Shape

There’s a certain level of scheduling nightmares that come with being a personal trainer or gym instructor. Not only do you lead group classes, you also run 1-on-1 appointments. Not only do you have to maintain your own schedule, you also have to maintain the recurring appointments for each of your clients.

It’s a good thing you’re in shape & have all that energy! Get a scheduling software that will help you get ahead of your schedule for consultations and 1-on-1 meetings.

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Add padding between your appointments based on the amount of time it takes to travel to their location

Take the gym to your clients without breaking a sweat

If you know it takes you 10 minutes to load up your car for a personal training session you can let TimeTap calculate that into your commute. No more scratching your head to build time into your travel from appointment to appointment. Add your Inbound and Outbound buffers to your locations and we will take care of the rest.

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Online Scheduling for World Class Fitness Facilities

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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Keep clients' motivation alive with appointment booking

Don’t let clients lose motivation

You know better than most that motivation to get in shape is fickle. One minute it’s the most important thing in the world, the next we’re glued to the TV with a bag of chips.

Let clients book a consultation or other low-barrier appointments at anytime right from your website. That way, right when their motivation is at its peak, you’ll be ready to take their booking.

A member management system for your business

Make it exclusive for your members

Don’t want to leave your scheduling open for the world to see? You can pre-register all of your clients to use your scheduler so that only members of your studio can view & book.

Once clients have signed up with you, you can send them their unique login credentials. They’ll use these to access your web scheduler and manage their bookings. You’ll make scheduling easy while keeping it private.

Keep track of attendance with our scheduling system

Keep track of attendance

Check clients in as they come in for class or a personal training session. If some clients are signing up for a lot of classes but never making it to them, you’ll notice their pattern & can intervene.

Quickly print out a class roster of who is going to be in class so you can know clients by name & strengthen your relationship with them.

Sign Up for Repeating Classes

If a client loves one of the classes you offer each week, it’s easy for her to sign up to be enrolled on a repeating basis. She’ll feel secure that her spot is reserved & you’ll feel confident that your class is in high demand.

Simply setup the schedule that your class is offered on and you clients will be able to schedule themselves as far out as they’d like.

Repeating class booking for clients

Put your scheduling on a new regimen

see how easy online booking can work for your fitness studio or personal training programs.

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