2-Way External Calendar Sync

Your calendars should know how to play nice with one another
Import appointments with Google Calendar integration

Import Your appointments from your external calendar instantly

Make double bookings a thing of the past

Double bookings stress out even the most peaceful people. You add something from your email to your connected calendar but haven't added it to your scheduling system yet. And, Bam! Someone grabs that spot right as you're going to add it.

With TimeTap, all this double booking anxiety goes away. You won’t be bothered with having to update two calendars all the time. Both calendars will stay in sync automatically so you don’t have to worry about it. Because why should you have to update 2 calendars when they can update themselves?

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Relieve Double Booking Anxiety

You've got a lot of demands on your time and often have no control over how much gets thrown on your calendar, especially if you share one with your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, & long lost second cousins. With our sync features, you can manage multiple calendars in one view & see appointments float back and forth effortlessly.

Manage multiple calendars while accepting appointments

Sync Your Personal Calendar with your Appointment System

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Shows it all in one place

No more flipping between two calendars. The 2-way sync runs constantly in the background so as soon as you add an event to your iCal, Outlook, Google, Office 365 or Exchange calendar, TimeTap will update & block off your time.

Blocks you off when you’re busy

Any events on your connected calendar that you are listed as “Busy” for will be added to your staff calendar to block clients from booking at that time.

Your calendars work together

TimeTap runs a 2-way sync between your appointments calendar and your external calendar so you can see your appointments right alongside all your personal activities.

Keeps your personal activities private

We’ll never show your clients the reason that your time is blocked off. We keep your external calendar events private so only you can see them.

See client details on your calendar

If you’re asking for specific information from clients as they’re booking, all that information will carry through to your connected calendar so you can see it there, too.

Syncs to any calendar

Choose from any calendar on your connected iCloud, Google, or Microsoft account to sync TimeTap too. You can sync your main calendar or create a brand new calendar and sync with that.

Each staff syncs separately

If you have a more private office, your staff will love that they can sync their accounts separately so that their calendar views aren’t getting cluttered by everyone else's.

Commonly asked questions about Google Calendar integration

Calendar Sync FAQs

TimeTap can sync with Google Calendar, iCal (Apple's calendar system), Office 365, Outlook, or Live Exchange. All we need in order to run a sync between one of these programs is for you to connect your two accounts by entering your credentials and granting access for TimeTap to send appointment data to them.

No, your clients will never see what’s on your connected calendar. If you add an event to your connected calendar for your doctor’s visit on Friday at 2:00pm, we will add that doctor’s visit to your TimeTap calendar, but all your clients will know is that they can’t book at 2:00pm on Friday. They won’t know the reason, the time just won’t be available for them to choose.

Once the sync is established, it will run continuously so that as soon as you add an event to your connected calendar it typically takes less than a minute for that event to show up on TimeTap (vice versa is also true). The first time you sync your two accounts, it may take up to 20 minutes for the appointments to be completely synced, but that’s just the first time.

When we get a notice from your connected account that you’ve added an event to your calendar, we first check to see whether you are listed as “Busy” or “Available” for that event. If you are listed as “Busy” we add it to your TimeTap calendar so that you are blocked off from booking.

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