Flexible Scheduling & Availability

Online Scheduling Software that can adapt to any schedule
Flexible availability for scheduling appointments

Your schedule is unique,

Just like everyone else’s.

No two schedules are the same. Sure we’ve been sold the idea that the working world operates from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. Anyone not open during those hours or trying to make something work on the weekend needs a reality check, right?

Well, that’s not what we think and that’s not what we’re built on. TimeTap's Online Scheduling is designed from the ground up to give you the most flexibility & control you need to customize you and your staff’s working hours as you see fit with a simple process for scheduling employees. There’s no one-schedule-fits all to be found here with the ability to create flexible work schedules.

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Make your own Mold

Scheduling Software that lets you Define the Blueprint for When You Want to Work.

Find time to recharge

You determine when you’ll work hard & when you’ll rest easy. Play by the rules in your book, not some software systems.

Take Breaks When You Need Them:

The way online scheduling sets up your schedule lets you weave the personal and the professional into a more energizing balance.

Update Hours On-The-Go

Mobile ready so you can take your business with you wherever you go & add time off right from your smartphone or tablet.

Take Full Control Over Your Schedule

You’ve got override controls to decide when the world can book with you. Add buffers to your services for some time to yourself between appointments.

Boosts Your Productivity:

Let clients schedule with you 24/7 right from your website so you can lead your life at the time you’ve defined.

Stop Suffering From Burnout:

When you use online scheduling, you can quickly plug in the dates for your much needed time off while still letting people book.

Bring a greater sense of organization & calm to your business .

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Customize by Staff

Being the point person for scheduling comes with a lot of pressure.

If you're the scheduling guru of your office, then I’m sure at some point you’ve been unfairly blamed for a scheduling mixup. Each employee or staff person manages their own availability for 1-on-1 & group appointments. That way if your staff forgets to put in their vacation hours, the blame is on them, not you.

Your staff can’t blame you for scheduling mix ups
Distinct Availability

You’re not a cookie-cutter person so why would you want a cookie-cutter scheduler?

Maybe you work different hours every day of the year. Or maybe your hours alternate from week to week. Who are we to judge? We'll let you set up whatever hours you want, without turning our nose up at you. The rigidity of a software shouldn’t determine when you’re set to work. Grab an online scheduling system that lets you do you

Craft a life that works around what’s important to you.
Easy Vacations

In an era when so many of us are overworked, running on E, & still barely keeping up with our to-do lists, vacations aren't luxuries; they're necessities.

Easily add the date ranges that you’ll be on vacation while still letting people schedule appointments for when you get back. Oh, and when you’re on that vacation, you can access TimeTap to see what your schedule’s looking like for when you get back. (Or you can just keep your toes in the sand.)

Set up your schedule to have time to reboot