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Think of your business:

If outdated scheduling processes are still in place at your business because “that’s how it’s always been”, your business is going to get left in the dust. Ditch a slow, painful scheduling process for an appointment scheduling software tailored for businesses of all sizes.

Book appointments through your iPad

Because Your...

Keep your sanity with organized appointment booking

Scheduling may sound like an easy task, but all of your spreadsheets and sticky notes beg to differ. Paper based scheduling systems make it difficult to stay in sync and know which clients are coming in when. Nothing’s more embarrassing for a business than a client showing up for an appointment that you don’t have on your books.

Allow clients to schedule after-hours with your appointment scheduler

When your customers visit your website, they get all excited about the services your business offers. They can’t wait to schedule...except they have to, because your business is open from 9 - 5 and they are looking at your website while in their pajamas watching Netflix at 10:30pm. Let customers book at any time and any place with 24/7 booking.

Spend time wisely with the best online scheduling system

Do you ever feel guilty for all the missed calls you get from clients? We feel your pain. Missed calls are the pits. Plus, having to call people back only to get into the “what time works for you” conversation will take a chunk of time out of even the most productive person’s day.

Give your clients more freedom with the best online appointment booking

Today, less than 33% of appointments are booked online mostly because businesses don’t offer the option. That number, however, will more than double by 2019, with clients of service-based businesses becoming more & more disgruntled when they can’t schedule online. Are you willing to run potential clients off by not offering the convenience they expect?

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Easy Online Booking

Put Scheduling
Right on your website

Administrative software with a receptionist that's available around the clock

With administrative software, you can give clients the royal treatment of scheduling 24/7 & still make it home for dinner every night. Because booked appointments are better than missed calls

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Send Reminders
Without Thinking About It

Avoid the pitfalls & mishaps of Multi-tasking.

When you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody. You can reduce no shows & get more of your clients to their appointments on time without having to think about sending any confirmation emails.

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Mobile Apps
For iOS & Android

Manage your small business on-the-go.

Schedule client appointments, check your availability for the day, or plug in breaks for yourself right from your smartphone or tablet with management software that's easy to use.

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Rated #1 In
Online Scheduling Security

You Won't Crack this Case, Sherlock.

All of our plans come with high grade SSL encryption to protect your data while you're working in our application. We are HIPAA Compliant and keep our servers secured according to PCI-DSS standards.

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Don't Limit Your Business by Doing Everything Yourself
Features that will help ease your scheduling stress

Total Appointment Management

Flexible calendars for you to tweak to view your schedule exactly the way you want to see it. Lists make it easy to categorize appointments as completed, cancelled, or no show.

Adjusts for Everyone’s Time Zones

Support for multiple time zones helps your business service clients across the globe. All appointment timeslots and emails will confirm meeting times in the timezones your clients are in.

Customizable Booking Forms

Set up your scheduler so you are getting the information you need from clients at the time of booking. Add as many fields as you’d like to qualify clients before they get their appointments.

2-Way Calendar Syncs

Never update two calendars again! TimeTap runs automatic 2-way sync with all the most popular calendars: iCal, Google, Outlook, Office 365 & Live Exchange.

Automated Emails

Clear, timely emails that send auto-magically at key points to confirm, remind, & follow-up on appointments. Set reminder emails & appointment follow ups to be delivered when you want.

Essential Mobile Apps

Manage your business on-the-go with TimeTap’s mobile app. Schedule client appointments, check your availability for the day, or plug in breaks for yourself right from your smartphone or tablet.

Enable Appointment Waitlist

Stop turning away interested clients! Embrace your popularity by offering interested clients the opportunity to join your waitlist when you’re all booked up.

Securely upload client files

Capture the documents you need from clients as a pre-requisite before their appointments confirmed. No more appointments without those waivers being signed!

Multiple Staff Calendars

Add all of your colleagues and let them set up their own crazy schedules. Once they’ve got their availability plugged in, you won’t have to keep up with it anymore.

Export Data to Excel

You can export any of your appointment list views or your client lists into Excel so you can print off a report to take with you to a meeting or class session.

Unlimited Appointments & Clients

We'll never limit your growth by capping your monthly bookings. Max out your appointment scheduler without worrying about running into any limitations.

Easy to Use

A Clean & Intuitive design keeps your appointment scheduler simple for both you and your clients. Features beautiful, fluid calendars & lists to navigate and manage your appointments efficiently.

Personal Staff booking pages

Each staff member you add to your account has a private booking page that they can customize and direct their dedicated clients to.

Ask Screening Questions

Make sure your clients are signing up for the appointments that they're qualified for by getting them to answer a screening questions before showing them your available times.

Embed your scheduler on any site

Put a scheduler on multiple pages of your website or place it on your favorite social media site. The code is already written for you so all you have to do is copy & paste!

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