Easy Booking for you & your clients

An Easy-to-Use Scheduling System to Help You Create A Better, More Productive Business

With missed calls to return & clients to squeeze in, you've come to realize that your schedule is controlling you instead of the other way around.

Automating your business with online scheduling will save time & anxiety every day. You can live life efficiently with no need for habits or rituals to make sure you’ve sorted through all your clients’ calls and messages.

TimeTap is perfect for independent service providers, medical practices, educators, and other appointment-driven businesses who feel like there just isn't enough hours in the day for all the things they need (and want!) to do.

Embed your web scheduler and accept online appointments
Integrate on your website

Put a web scheduler on every service page of your website with easy to configure embed codes for every service you offer

Intuitive & Clean Design

No matter where you are on the web-user scale - novice, intermediate, expert – TimeTap’s clean interface provides easy to use access to everyone.

Book Appointments the Smart Way.

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What makes it so easy?

Powerful Settings Put in Simple Terms

You'll have complete control over your availability, how close to the appointment a client can book or cancel, & which types of services clients can schedule, but you won’t have to solve a Mensa puzzle to get it sorted out.

Easy to Interpret Availability

We adapt to whatever schedule you work off of and make it easy to read the schedule for you and your staff. Color code your calendar based on which staff the appointment is with or which service the client booked.

Notes, Notes, & More Notes

You can easily take private notes on each of your appointments and your client profiles. This is great for a good old memory jog each time you meet with a client so you can get a quick reminder of their kids names.

Easy & Organized Scheduling

If you're looking for a powerful online scheduler that's easy to use, then you're in the right place. When you're with clients or away from your phone, your online scheduler's there to support the other clients who want to meet with you.

Automate your scheduling to let clients book with you without giving away control of your schedule.

Easy booking that's organized and efficient

Imagine waking up to a prepped schedule

You own your own business, have a family and kids that demand your time, and are always on the go. Like everyone, you feel the pressure to be constantly connected & always available for the people that need you, whether it be your partner, your kids, or your clients.

With our scheduling software, you can actually disconnect for some time and regain your focus knowing full well the clients who need you can schedule their appointments on their own.

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Watch Your Appointments Grow

Once you've added your availability, services, & designed your scheduler, you are ready for your clients to book.

You can either embed the scheduler on your website and direct them there or use the free mini website that comes with each account. With a quick client uploader, you'll have your scheduling automated in no time.

Watch appointments grow with our online reservation system

Easily Navigate Your Schedule

If the stress of keeping your schedule filled with appointments has you buried under dozens of missed calls and lengthy voicemails to return, give online scheduling a shot.

With appointment scheduling automated on your website it’s like your business is in motion 24/7 and you’ll feel the time saved and anxiety reduced.

Navigate through calendar appointments on your schedule

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