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Whether you're a professor, teacher, or tutor, TimeTap makes classroom management easy with smart tools. Support your students with online scheduling, room reservations, automated reminders and more.

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Get Time Back in Your Busy Day

If educators need one thing, it's more time in the day to teach, get administrative work done, and empower students. TimeTap streamlines scheduling so you can focus on what matters.

With TimeTap you can:

  • Enable students to schedule office hours or meetings using your online scheduling form
  • Find out topics students want to discuss before they come to office hours
  • Generate rosters for group sessions
  • Keep track of student & parent appointments as well as any follow-ups from those appointments
  • Manage signups on a first-come-first-served basis for special events at your school
  • ... and so much more!
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Used by Educators Everywhere

University & College Departments

Students can easily schedule 1-on-1 meetings or sign up to attend a seminar or study sessions - all in one place. Students won't have an excuse for missing office hours anymore!

K-12 Schools

Make parent-teacher conferences a breeze to schedule with the TimeTap online booking system. They can make an appointment online whenever they have a moment - at home or on the go.

Academic Advisors & Tutors

Provide unique scheduling pages for advisors and support staff to connect students with the right team member. They can even be asked to answer questions before they arrive.

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TimeTap Dashboard
TimeTap Dashboard

Meet Students Where They Are: Online

One of the biggest barriers to student engagement is the time it takes to actually schedule a meeting with their advisors. And more engagement means higher retention and increased student success.

Encourage students to meet with you by making it easy for them to view your availability and schedule an appointment. With TimeTap, they can find a time and book a meeting from their phone or computer.

Smart Scheduling for Forward-Thinking Educators

Automating your scheduling tasks will add time back into your day - the time you need to be the best educator you can be. So, stop spending time booking meetings, classes, and study sessions… and more time preparing for them.

Here's what TimeTap can help you do:

Online Scheduler

When you set up your TimeTap account, students and parents will be able to book appointments themselves! Your schedule will be created automatically using any criteria you choose.

Booking-Based Forms & Questions

Find out what pressing questions parents have when they book their appointment so you can be prepared to address their concerns. With less time spent scheduling, you'll have more time to dedicate to your students' needs.

Student & Family Record Management

Capture and manage student information in one central location to make it easier to keep parents in the loop. You can also create appointments for parent-teacher conferences or remind parents to check in on how things are going.

Hosted Scheduling Page

TimeTap comes with a free scheduling landing page that you can direct your students to. The scheduler is optimized for any device, so they can book an appointment with you from a computer, tablet, or phone!

Streamlined Communication

Send mass texts or emails to your class, automate reminders, and keep parents in the loop with TimeTap's custom messaging system. Create your own templates so you can spend less time in your office, and more time in class.

Education Scheduling

For purposes of allowing students to make tutoring appointments, TimeTap has been invaluable. Our students can make appointments any time of day, so the convenience for them has made our service more accessible and utilized. Plus, the cost for us is minimal compared to how much it has helped our students accomplish their goals, and compared to similar products that are structured specifically for an educational center.

Wendy Weisenberg

University Tutor

Need an Enterprise Ready Solution?

We offer a fully configurable scheduling software that can scale your entire organization.

  • Multiple locations
  • Tiered accounts
  • Custom security
  • SSO login
  • Fully configurable
  • Custom built reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tiered admin permissions

Make Scheduling Easy for Your & Your Students

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