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We’ll make sure the right number of volunteers get signed up.

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Online Scheduling for Non Profits

Keep track of volunteer hours and client records all in one place

Perfect for:

  • Displaying your various volunteer opportunities to interested people
  • Sending reminders to volunteers before their scheduled time
  • Arranging pick ups for people who want to donate items
  • Scheduling interviews to vet volunteers
  • Organizing orientation sessions for volunteers

Try it Out: Use the embedded web scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment online. You can also check out booking an appointment online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account.

An online planner to cut back on emails & calls

Cut back on the massive number of emails & calls

A wall calendar can be handy for some things, but can it automatically confirm appointment dates and send client reminders? Our software has these capabilities and can even help decrease the number of missed calls regarding appointments.

Our software gives you the option to automatically send client confirmation and reminder emails to clients so that that’s not one of your concerns.

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Track changes over time with TimeTap's appointment system

Keep your organization in sync

From managing volunteers to handling donation pick ups, we understand that your non-profit organization is all sails. Let us provide better coordination with our software which can help prevent those mid-afternoon interruptions. TimeTap can help manage activities like these so you can keep your pace.

Quit paper trails with online appointment booking

Stop working with Paper Trails

We know you’re not up to scavenger hunts when it comes to volunteer and client records. Let us pick up the pieces by providing the tools needed to manage your volunteers and clients. Be less concerned with dusting off old record books or finding missing pages.

You don’t have to be a techie

No advanced technical expertise is needed to operate our software--just a willing mind ready to give it a try and a plan for success. We want to see your non profit soar to new heights with the tools we provide that are ready to accompany your efforts.

No advanced technical expertise needed with our appointment system

Easy online booking for your Non Profit Organization

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