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Easy & Efficient Interview Scheduling

Streamline your interview scheduling process to organize you & your clients' time

Lets you:

  • Find time to provide feedback to clients & make the best hiring decisions
  • Add buffers between interviews to catch up and take notes on candidates
  • Keep track of job candidates' relevant interview history
  • Send automated reminders to ensure candidates get to interviews on time
  • Conduct interviews that are more prepared & professional

Try it Out: Use the embedded web scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment online as if you were a candidate. You can also check out scheduling an interview online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account.

Easy interview scheduling

Only allow qualified candidates to schedule interviews

You don’t want to allow just any joe-schmo off the street to set up an interview time. Instead, pre-qualify your candidates and then give them unique login credentials to access your scheduler.

Once they’ve got their unique login credentials, they can come to your scheduling landing page and view the times that are available to interview for the position they’re interested in. You’ll have fewer back & forth emails trying to find a good time for both of you and more energy to focus on finding the right candidate.

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Online Interview Scheduling to find the right candidates, faster

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Our HR solution for the hiring season

Hiring Season = Scheduling Season

You can easily hibernate your TimeTap account once you’ve completed interviews for your position. Whenever you enter hiring season again, just reactivate your TimeTap account and you’ll be good to start scheduling interviews.

A good foundation for interview scheduling

A solid foundation for your interview process

It’s a tall-task to conduct a good interview if you also have to handle communicating with the candidate & following up with all related parties. Online scheduling lets you plan ahead & communicate effectively so you can get back to finding the right positions for the right people.

Focus on finding the right talent with our employee management system

Reduce the Risk of “Hiring Failures”

Have more time to focus on the company you’re hiring for and reduce the risk of hiring errors. Find candidates who are able to do the job, are low maintenance, & don’t derail the work of others.

Save time for reviewing resumes with online booking

Save time to look into gaps in resumes

Interview scheduling is considered a best practice for attracting, selecting, closing, and taking the necessary first steps to retain top performers.

When you don’t have to worry about scheduling the interview, you have more time to focus on evaluating the candidate‘s ability and willingness to do the job as well as manageability.

A smart way to get interviews scheduled

Finding the right candidate is a time consuming and expensive endeavor all on its own. When you factor in the time wasted finding the right time for an interview, the cost to hire goes up further still.

A smart route for interview scheduling

Find individuals who have a promotion left in their repertoire.

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