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Get intelligent features that can streamline patient appointment booking processes and related tasks.

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Improve Appointment Check-in

Get more from your scheduling software with features that simplify administrative work. Streamline the appointment booking and check in process with advanced tools that are ideal for busy practices.

  • Design a custom booking page
  • Build custom booking forms
  • Display service options
  • Include virtual meeting information
  • Customize flow of scheduler
  • Collect payments online or email invoices

Intelligent Features for Patient Scheduling

With smart features that automate processes, you can cut through the complexity and inefficiency to provide a better patient experience. Simplify communication with patients and make it easy to book appointments at their convenience.

Paperless check-in process

Create custom online forms to be completed when scheduling the appointment or before they arrive.

Two-way calendar sync

Our tool will seamlessly adjust availability when times are booked on either your digital work calendar or the TimeTap scheduler. You'll never have to manually adjust availability on multiple calendars again.

Screening questions

Set up screening questions to prevent unqualified bookings until certain requirements are met.

API and Integrations

Connect your TimeTap account to any third-party software to easily query customer information, invoices, billing or other data.

Automated email and text messaging

Set up automated emails for appointment follow up, next steps or annual appointment reminders. Customize your messaging and the timing for generating them.

Automated reports

Get custom staff, client, and financial reports sent to your email as often as you need them. Collecting the right information takes time - so we do it for you.

Patient Scheduling

Collect and Manage Patient Records

With our client management system, our software automatically creates patient profiles and stores any information gathered when booking appointments. You can manage this area to improve record keeping.

  • View communication log of patient correspondence
  • Enter patient notes
  • View invoice and billing history
  • View information gathered from custom forms
  • Create tags to categorize patient records
  • Integrate with third-party software
TimeTap Dashboard

Compliance Fit for Healthcare

Compliance Icons

We know security and compliance is crucial in your industry. It is for us too. That's why we've created a secure and compliant scheduling software that is HIPAA and SOC-2 compliant, as well as GDPR certified.

When we implemented TimeTap we were seeing, on average, 20 clients a day and almost 100 client visits per week. It takes on average 3-5 minutes to schedule someone over the phone. I can confidently say we have saved on average 8-9 hours per week and almost 35 hours per month. This has lowered our overall payroll cost and has also freed up staff to be able to take on other duties in our office. Throw in incredible customer service and using TimeTap for your scheduling needs is a no-brainer and a must in our office.

Dr. Michael K. Redman

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Need an Enterprise Ready Solution?

We offer a fully configurable scheduling software that can scale your entire organization.

  • Multiple locations
  • Tiered accounts
  • Custom security
  • SSO login
  • Fully configurable
  • Custom built reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tiered admin permissions

Want to see how TimeTap can meet your needs? Let us help!

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