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Schedule Spa & Beauty Appointments online

TimeTap’s web scheduler takes the stress off the front desks for salons & spas

Perfect for:

  • Seeing who’s available & who’s booked
  • Blocking off enough time to recuperate between clients
  • Keeping you from feeling short-staffed on busy days
  • Providing privacy between staff to keep from client poaching
  • Looking up client’s past appointments & preferences
  • Allowing clients to see availability 24/7

Try it Out: Use the embedded appointment scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment as if you were a client. You can also check out booking an appointment online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account:

Appointment slots online with our salon management system

Choose greater business success

(& less business stress)

Dedicate your energy to the client who’s in your chair and get your team to start tracking their schedule more efficiently. You can add that final touch to your client’s pedicure and take your time between clients without feeling like you need to rush back to check your missed calls.

Appointment automation relieves stress & keeps your salon or spa in motion even when you’re tied up between appointments. Turn scheduling from a burden to a benefit with easy online booking.

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Online Scheduling for Beauty & Wellness Providers

Get a web scheduler on your site today! Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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Reduce no-shows with our reservation system software

Don't let No-Shows Hurt Your Business

Your time is valuable, and no-shows complicate your work schedule. Use your web scheduler to let clients manage their own appointments & guard against client no-shows. They can cancel or reschedule their appointments from a link in their confirmation email. If a client doesn’t show for an appointment, you can mark them as a “No Show” and opt to send a notification email.

Use buffers to space out  appointment slots

Space Out Your Appointments with Buffers

Having clients back to back to back is exhausting. With TimeTap, you can add padding between your appointments to give yourself some downtime from client to client. Just add a buffer to apply before or after your appointment and you’ll give yourself enough room to prepare for the next booking on your schedule.

Staff scheduling made easy with our web scheduler

Know who’s on the clock & who they’re servicing

Your online scheduler will bring together all of your staff’s schedules & make them easy to read. You’ll know exactly who will be in on which days of the week. At a glance, you’ll see which clients they’re servicing and for what reason. You can kiss those double bookings & scheduling confusions buh-bye!

Get notifications & reminders to clients on time

Clients feel 100% more confident when they get confirmations & reminders about their bookings. Having automated notifications in place at your business saves your front desk hours of time and gives your clients the comfort they deserve. Stop denying that appointment emails are a necessary part of business and get them automated through your scheduler!

Eliminate Scheduling challenges for your business

Make it easy on you & your clients while watching your bottom line grow every month.

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