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Online Scheduling for Arts Studios & Outdoor Rec Facilities

Let clients view your services & make reservations without having to man the phone

Perfect for:

  • Booking group lessons or activities
  • Automating confirmations & reminders
  • Sending out survey links in follow up emails
  • Displaying your wide range of services in one view
  • Allowing clients to book after hours

Try it Out: Use the embedded web scheduler below to try out scheduling an appointment online as if you were a client. You can also check out booking an appointment online on the TimeTap mini website that comes with each account.

Increase Internet traffic with class and event scheduling

Internet traffic moves faster than foot traffic

Foot traffic drives lots of business to local painting & clayworks studios. But if your studio is tucked in the back corner of a not-so-popular shopping center, then don’t hold your breath. Instead, get more clients in the door by driving more internet traffic to your website. Show off the fun classes you offer & let clients book right there!

Keep track of availability changes with our appointment system

Streamline your facility's reservations

From renting out tennis courts to booking horseback riding lessons, we make it easy to show your availability to interested clientele. You can display all your different booking options on the same page and let clients choose the best time for them that you have available. Now you don’t have to be manning the front desk to get reservations made!

Offer group scheduling for franchises

Works for one shop or entire franchises

We work with single-shop and franchised arts studios to make displaying upcoming classes & events on your website easy. Add a description for what you’ll be working on, include images, and show the dates & times all on one page. Once your client sees a lesson she wants to book, she can use your TimeTap scheduler to reserve a seat for herself and a friend.

Online appointments can be cancelled from any location

Cancel appointments from home or the office

Bad storms can make driving to your studio dangerous for both you and your clients. The next time you have to shut down due to weather or other unexpected events, just login into your TimeTap account from your home computer, tablet, or phone and send out cancellation or rescheduling emails for your appointments.

Fill up all your classes before the week even starts

You can’t grow your business by playing the guessing game of “I wonder how many clients will come into the studio today”. Get a real-time view of your appointments for the day, week, month or any custom time frame you need to see. Instantly check enrollment numbers for your group lessons and quickly print out rosters before the lesson starts.

Fill up classes in advance with our class scheduler

Online Scheduling for Arts Studios & Recreational Facilities

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