Export List Views into Excel

Get any of your appointment or client lists into editable Excel format
Export appointment tracking spreadsheet to Excel

Take your appointment information with you

Because having a computer or tablet in front of you at a client meeting is rude

We live in a digital age, but there’s something nice about not having a computer or tablet in front of you when you’re meeting with a client. While handwritten notes may seem like a foregone practice, your clients will appreciate the attention you’re able to give when a screen isn’t standing between you.

With TimeTap, you can print off your daily schedule or an appointment slip for each booking you have and use that to be more present with the clients you’re with.

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Create & Export Custom Field Data

Whenever you export your list views, select from the fields on your custom booking form to get a specific report on the information you’re interested in. You can also create and export private fields that just you and your staff fill out and include those on your reports.

Import Information Into Other Applications

Easy appointment & client list exports make importing into third party applications a breeze. Once you’ve exported your data from TimeTap, it’s simple to customize your spreadsheet to upload into companion apps like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, or your company’s CRM.

Check In On Your Staff At Any Location

Export appointment lists & select which staff & location you want to include in your reports. Once you’ve set your criteria, you can export an Excel report with 1-click. Keep up to date on how appointments are growing week to week, month to month, or year to year.

Quick Class Roster Spreadsheets

You already have a lot to prepare when it comes to leading a class. You don’t have time to think about making a roster, too. With a web scheduler in place at your business, your class rosters compile automatically. Now you won’t have to worry about making a roster at the last minute.

Export appointment information into Excel in seconds.

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TimeTap offers a tracking tool to create reports

Show your boss your appointment growth

Because appointment tracking doesn’t need to be so tedious

Have a boss that wants to know how your appointments are growing month to month? With TimeTap, getting a monthly report of your completed appointments is a simple 2-step process.

Simply define the time range you’re interested in and then export the report. From there, you’ve got a nice spreadsheet that you can print off or email to your boss to show your progress.

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Create and download mailing list to Excel

Get Client Mailing Lists with 1-Click

If you send out an annual holiday card, you’re definitely familiar with the pain of getting all of your clients mailing addresses together. It’s about as fun as a TSA pat down.

With TimeTap, you can kiss those days good-bye. Once your account’s set up, you can quickly download your client list and include whatever address information you need in order to create mailing labels. Save hours of time spent over tedious work!

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Print appointment slips to take into meetings with you

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