Take Payments with ease

Embed a payment portal right into your scheduler
Manage all invoices for your appointments

Your time is valuable,

Receive your payment before you book it

How much could a no-show appointment cost you? Are you tired of losing potential business to hold an appointment for a client who doesn’t show up and doesn’t pay you for your time? Stop getting burned by no-shows! Make your clients commit to paying you!

Ok, so maybe your situation isn’t so dire, your clients are great and you don’t have to worry about no shows. Great, you don’t need payment processing then do you? Wrong! Your clients are so great, why not make their lives easier, set them up to show up knowing they have paid so you can get right into it. No need for a check or swiping their credit card! They are good to go.

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Bookkeeping made easy

Features that keep everything in your wallet accounted for

Export Invoice Lists

Once payment is set up you can quickly export invoice lists to give you all the details on your payments: date paid, pending, partially paid, cancelled, and void.

Credit card processing built in

Choose your Payment Processor

Unlike some services, TimeTap integrates with several processors. We integrate with Square, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Cayan, and E-Xact so you can choose which payment processor has the best rates for your business.

International Payment Processing

Are you working outside of the United States? No problem! TimeTap can change the currency to whatever you need, just call us and it is done!

Accept Deposits

If you only require a deposit for an appointment, you can configure your services to have the deposit amount that the client is supposed to pay upon booking in order to reserve your time.

Required or Optional

Maybe you want to list a price without requiring payment. With TimeTap you can make payments required or optional for convenience.

Send Clients Coupons

You can even run promotional campaigns with coupon codes that can be entered into the scheduler for a pre-determined discount!

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No more No shows

Getting stood up can be costly.

You have been there before, waiting for a new client to show up to the appointment they booked with you. First you think they may just be a few minutes late, but eventually you know you just lost the opportunity to meet with someone else. Say “no more” to no shows by requiring payment upfront.

If they don’t show, it’s their loss!

Accounting that makes cents

Keeping track of invoices can cost you money in the form of time.

No more need for huge paper trails or binders full of invoices, with TimeTap payment processing you can keep track of everything within your online scheduler. You even have the freedom to write off charges and manually input payments for unpaid invoices. Once an invoice is paid it will automatically close, and you can filter closed and open invoices.

Reclaim the time that accounting has stolen from you the years!

Make things easy for your clients

Just because you don’t need your money upfront doesn’t mean that your clients don’t want to pay you upfront.

So maybe you don’t need payment upfront, that’s fine; it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it easier for your clients with payment processing directly in your scheduler. Give you clients the option to get it over with so they don’t have to worry about owing you money later.

Clients feel reassured when they pay for appointments in advance